CHANGE OF ORDER: The premium customer reserves the right at any time to amend a monthly order but should give 48 hours notification through their registered email or call their account officer. The following can be changed;

(a) Quantity (The quantities ordered can be changed however the total value of the order cannot be less than the minimum value of 50,000 Naira)

(b) Place of delivery

(c) Date of delivery

(d) Mode of payment.

No changes can be made to any part of this order without written authorization from the Customer.

NOTIFICATION OF PRICE CHANGE: Eatwell reserves the right to change the prices of the products if and only when there is price flunctuation depending on the market. However we shall notify the customers such cases arise.


When you provide us with your account information, you authorize us to charge such credit card/account for all purchased items and services. This will be automatically be debited on set date. Such charges shall be made in advance in accordance with the billing frequency stated in the registration form.

DELIVERY: Unless stated otherwise, free delivery is limited to two times a month after which, the customer bears the full cost of any other delivery in that same month. Eatwell will deliver items meeting all referenced standards on the exact date specified.

EXCUSABLE DELAY: Rain, floods, accidents, traffic, or any other causes beyond the reasonable control of both parties, which prevents Eatwell from delivering the goods and services covered by this order, will suspend such deliveries until the cause is removed. In such situations, Eatwell will endeavour to communicate such delay to the customer immediately.

QUALITY: Eatwell understands that all items must be delivered fresh. Eatwell will deliver the products as described.

CONTRACT CONFIDENTIALITY: Eatwell agrees to treat all confidential information belonging to the customer as confidential subject matter and protect it accordingly. Eatwell agrees not to disclose any such information without the prior written consent of the customer.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Placing a monthly order automatically means that you have agreed to these terms and conditions.

TERMINATION: Customer may choose to opt out of this service giving 30 days’ notification through email or by calling their account officer.